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I, Tomio Hosoi, was appointed as President & Representative Director of Japan Foods Co., Ltd. at a Board of Directors meeting held on June 12, after the annual general meeting of shareholders.
Ryota Honjo, former President & Representative Director was appointed as Chairman and Director of Japan Foods Co., Ltd. on the same day. Under this new set up, we all intend to work hard for the growth of the company as a united entity, so we would like to ask for your continued support.

With regards to our performance in the previous fiscal year (our company’s 39th term), the volume of orders we received dropped drastically due to the effects of unseasonable weather as well as the long-term slump in consumption due to Japan’s consumption tax increase, and unfortunately this left us with a financial deficit. The current fiscal year is the final year (the 4th year) of our medium-term management plan (“JUMP 2015” - Towards the Next Generation”), which was established in 2012, and is a landmark year as it is our company’s 40th term. We will certainly achieve a V-shaped recovery while sticking to the direction of growth strategy outlined in the medium-term management plan, and will steadily make preparations for the future. In our core business (OEM beverage production), our aim is to increase the volume of orders received by implementing technical initiatives with making maximum use of our capital investment (of approximately 8 billion yen) in the two lines of aseptic machinery equipments that were realized in the first and the second year of our medium-term management plan. At the same time, we will steadily continue further investments.

In terms of new business, we are aiming to increase consolidated revenues in growing markets. We will make great efforts actively in order to contribute to the Chinese joint venture of Toyo Pack (Changshu) Co., Ltd. in the OEM beverage production business, while we try to enlarge Water Home Delivery business through our associated company Waternet Inc. . We are also acting as one of Kanto Area Owners of the business.

Under any circumstances, we will try to continue contributing to a society based on our corporate philosophy: “Contribute to a society as a trusted company by supplying products that bring health and happiness to human lives.” Taking our slogan “From Chiba to Japan and all over the world”, we do our best to maximize our corporate value keeping ourselves closely with the local community.

As closing, I ask for the continued support of all our stakeholders for our future endeavors.

Tomio Hosoi
Japan Foods Co., Ltd.

June 2015

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