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December 1976 Japan Foods was established in Chosei-gun, Chiba, as a wholly owned subsidiary of ITOCHU Corporation with capital of ¥450 million for soft drink packing.
February 1977 Started packing service of bottled and canned beverages.
June 1986 Received license to produce alcoholic beverages.
December 1987 Started packing service for beverages in large PET bottles.
January 1993 Participated in establishment of Japan Juice Processing Co., Ltd. (invested ¥16 million of total capital of ¥80 million), a company mainly engaged in the production and sale of fruit juice.
May 1996 Started packing service for beverages in small PET bottles (K line).
May 1997 Constructed beverage production lines for beverages in small and large PET bottles (A and P lines).
April 1998 Constructed beverage production line for beverages in bottles and small PET bottles (B line).
December 1998 Japan Juice Processing became a wholly owned subsidiary.
August 2000 Conducted initial public offering, and OTC trading of Japan Foods shares began. Sold 600,000 shares, raising shares issued to 5.1 million and paid-in capital to ¥628 million.
June 2001 Constructed super high-speed, multi-type PET bottle beverage production line (S line).
August 2001 Received ISO 9001 (version 2000) quality management system certification.
January 2002 Received HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control point) approval.
February 2003 Shares listed on second section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
June 2003 Constructed beverage production line exclusively for beverages in large PET bottles (T line).
February 2004 Constructed beverage production line for small bottle-shaped cans (New J line).
March 2005 Shares listed on first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
May 2005 Added second beverage production line for small, wide-mouth bottle cans (O line).
June 2005 Received ISO 14001 (version 2004) environmental management system certification.
February 2006 Switched fuel supply from heavy oil A to natural gas.
March 2008 Transferred the bag-in-box business of Japan Juice Processing to Japan Foods.
March 2009 Capital investment in water*net corporation.
April 2010 Constructed production line for bottled water (W line).
June 2010 Reached basic agreement with TOYO SEIKAN KAISHA, LTD., for the joint establishment of a beverage filling company in Changshu, China.
December 2010 Jointly established Toyo Pack (Changshu) Co., Ltd. in Changshu, China, with TOYO SEIKEN CO., LTD.
July 2012 Constructed bottle molding / aseptic line for both carbonated and non-carbonated beverages (E Line).
July 2012 Tokyo Office moved to Kyobashi, Tokyo.
July 2013 Started sales of electricity with solar power generation system.
December 2013 Received FSSC22000 (Foode Safety System Certification) certification.
December 2013 New co-generation equipment using liquid natural gas (LNG) as a fuel.
March 2014 T line revitalization (new bottle molding and aseptic filling (carbonated/non-carbonated beverage) equipment)

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