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Japan Juice Processing Co., Ltd., a Japan Foods consolidated subsidiary, merged its commissioned manufacturing of concentrated drinks for fast food chains business (so-called “BIB,” bag-in-box drink) with Japan Foods on April 1, 2008. The primary goals of this move were to integrate manufacturing operations, enhance mobility of human resources and speed up market expansion.

Parent Company
ITOCHU Corporation http://www.itochu.co.jp/
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Japan Juice Processing Company (JJPC)

The group carries out as a general beverage manufacturer as a whole by separating roles where JJPC is specialized in commissioned manufacturing of drinks for business use, and Japan Foods Co. Ltd. are engaged in commissioned manufacturing of soft drinks which are directly consumed by consumers.
Affiliated Company
Water*net Corporation http://www.waternet-inc.com/

Toyo Pack (Changshu) Co., Ltd. in Changshu, China http://www.toyopackch.com/

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