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the year of 2001
The general meeting of shareholders is to be held on 23rd of June (Saturday). Their families are also welcome.
We decided to hold the 25th general meeting of shareholders from 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, hoping that as many shareholders as possible may be present.
The venue is on the 2nd floor of the Japan Aerobics Center in Nagara-cho in Chiba Prefecture.
It is located at a corner of the “SeimeinoMori (Life Forest) Resort” with abundant nature in the Boso Peninsula, where there are substantial facilities with which they can enjoy many kinds of sports such as tennis, swimming, jogging, exercises and horse riding.
We hope that all the shareholders will make a visit to the venue together with their families and have a quiet day on the weekend, while enjoying the therapeutic walk in the forest to the full.
Furthermore, we will have Japanese, Western and Chinese dishes and deserts for their lunches and look forward to seeing all the shareholders and their families from the bottom of our hearts.
The notification of the convocation of the 25th general meeting of shareholders was dispatched on 8th June.

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