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the year of 2001
The general meeting was able to be held in a homelike atmosphere.
The general meeting of shareholders this year was held on Saturday to enable families to participate as well. An article about the meeting was therefore seen in the Nikkei Newspaper. In addition, because it was the first general meeting after the shares of the Company were launched on the stock market(JASDAQ), the members of the secretariat felt a little tense.
However, 67 shareholders attended the general meeting and 101 people including family members participated in the informal meeting.
Participants expressed favorable opinions, saying that the atmosphere was friendly and that the general meeting was a model meeting.
On the other hand, the secretariat reflected that it needed to have greater ideas to apply for its operation in order to get more questions from the participants.

We plan to have a general meeting next year at the same place, where families of shareholders can be relaxed and enjoy the general meeting and nature to the full for one day.
We thank the shareholders and their families very much for their participation. All the members of the Company look forward to seeing them next year again. Please refer the resolved matters in the general meeting of shareholders to the news release column of the IR information.

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