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the year of 2001
The video of Japan Foods is currently being broadcast on the SkyPerfect TV again
We started to rebroadcast the video of Japan Foods shown at the latest informal meeting of equity shares in the program titled as “Comapny Watching” on 760ch of the SkyPerfect TV !
This is for the purpose of having more investors understand details of the Japan Foods' business.
Following the broadcast from February to April 2001, this time we plan to broadcast the video of the version of fiscal 2001 for three months from July to September.
Because the broadcast is made during the non-scramble time zone on Saturday every week, you can watch it at no cost at your home or work place, wherever you have a contract with SkyPerfect TV.
Otherwise, you can also watch the video on Internet at http://www.ir21.net/, although the size of the picture is small. Please therefore try to have a look.

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