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the year of 2001
The Company’s IR video is currently broadcast on SkyPerfect TV.
The Company’s IR video prepared at the time of launching the Company’s equity shares is presently broadcast on SkyPerfect TV ! on 760ch.
This is a special plan to have a greater number of investors understand the Company profile, and will be broadcast for 3 months from February to April.
Last February it was broadcast 29 times in total mainly on weekends. 6 times out of the 29 times were broadcast non-scramble, which can therefore be seen free by the families and work places that have contracts with SkyPerfect. Please try to see the video.
In addition, on internet, if you register (free) to become a member of ClubIR21Web on http://www.ir21.co.jp, you can see the Company’s IR video. Please also try to register as well.

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