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the year of 2001
Profile of Employees of this month (June 2001)
The profile for June is for 2 persons, Mr. Iwane (from the Preparation Division) and Miss. Ichikawa (from Laboratory), who are also members of The Toke Civic Window Orchestra(TCWO).
A wind orchestra is an orchestra where blowing instruments are played.
It consists of more than 100 members.
Practices are done every Sunday. Although Mr. Iwane and Miss. Ichikawa both work very hard at their work place in Japan Foods, they were never absent from the practice of their Euphonium and percussion instrument respectively.
TCWO played an important role, winning a golden award for three years in a row at the national tournament.
TCWO had the 8th regular concert on 3rd May 2001 at the Culture Hall of Chiba Prefecture. Approximately 2000 people thoroughly enjoyed the concert.

(The photo shows a scene of the national tournament.)

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