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the year of 2002
The complimentary facilities system for shareholders will start from Sep.,2002.
The Company will start complimentary treatment towards shareholders, following the reduction in the minimum investment unit (to 100 shares) in June 2001, expecting them to remain friends of the Company.
The Company manufactures soft drinks. However, all the products of the Company are made on the basis of order placement from major drinks makers. There are no products with its name.
As a result, the content of complimentary treatment was made to be original Quo cards of the Company.
The Company will present Quo cards corresponding to ¥1,000 to ¥4,000 annually in proportion to the number of shares held every year including shareholders owning 100 shares.
The shareholders registered as at the end of September will be presented this time, and from the next time onwards, the shareholders registered as at the end of March (in cases of shareholders owning at least 1,000 shares, twice including at the end of September as well.) will be presented every year.

The Company plans to use a series of suitable designs for these Quo cards, and the first design used will be as follows:-

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