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the year of 2002
Profiles of employees of this month (Nov.,2002)

The overseas training of the Company for 2002 was training on the sea in a ship, the Fuji-maru.
The Company offers overseas training mainly to people who have been in service for 10 years, and this time participation was taken in training on the sea sponsored by the Federation of Economic Organization in November. The purpose was to make a visit to Shanghai in China and Pusan in Korea by the Fuji-maru (23,200 tons) to increase our knowledge and information, and attempt to understand "the mission and the role of a new leader in the age without hydrographic charts", while we were divided into small groups in the ship.
The six trainees of the Company appear to have struggled hard among the executives that participated from various companies because of seasickness due to the bad weather. However, their figures after leaving the ship and their training reports enable us to get a glimpse of them having become budding future leaders.

(The photograph shows a snap at the farewell party on the ship.)

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