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the year of 2002
The general meeting will be held on Saturday, 22nd June. Families are welcome.
We decided to hold the shareholders' general meeting on Saturday this year again at 11:00 a.m., hoping that as manyshareholders as possible will attend the meeting.
The venue will be on the 2nd floor of the Japan Aerobics Center (in Nagara-machi,
Chiba Prefecture), which is the same place as last year.
The building for the venue is located at a corner of the 'Seimei no Mori Resort' in Boso abundant in nature, having various sports and accommodation facilities.
We would like all shareholders to participate in a social gathering after the shareholders' general meeting together with their family members (up to 4 persons including the shareholder), and spend a calm day of the weekend, while enjoying a buffet lunch and a therapeutic walk in the forest to the fullest extent.
We will all look forward very much to your visit.
The notice of convening the 26th shareholders' ordinary general meeting was already dispatched on 7th June, addressed to shareholders.

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