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the year of 2003
Profiles of employees of this month (Feb.,2003)

The shares of the Company were admitted to the listing on the second section by the Tokyo Stock Exchange on 18th February. The four people in the photograph are the main members for promotion of this listing.
The listing processes were speedily completed in about a year and four months from the start of the Project. Except for the only female member of staff, Ms Aida, the other three people were not engaged in this Project on a fulltime basis. They were also engaged in other works. They must therefore have used special efforts, which must be beyond the imagination of other people.
Now, these endeavors have been compensated.
All these four people looking dauntless with a smile, backed up by their confidence and skills, seem to be having a moment of relief from the pressure of business.

Those four people are hopeful members that other people both inside and outside the Company expect to show an active role in future.

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