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the year of 2003
Renewal of manufacturing line for canned drinks.
Behind the background that consumption of soft drinks has rapidly shifted from
canned drinks to PET bottled drinks in recent years, the Company has been examining measures to deal with its manufacturing lines (4 lines) for canned drinks, the utilization ratio of which has been in a declining trend, and has now decided to scrap one line and install a new manufacturing line for new type canned drinks instead.
The scrapped line is J line which had become rather obsolete. The Company has therefore made efforts to improve the whole profitability of the can lines by increasing the capacity utilization ratio by manufacturing conventional type canned drinks in the remaining three lines, and on the other hand by consigning the manufacture of high value added products which are contained in newly developed small steel cans with a wide mouth cap.
The new line is expected to be in operation at the end of January 2004, and will produce coffee, tea drinks, etc. in a new type of can.

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