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the year of 2003
The shares of the Companywere listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange, 2nd section.
On 25th February 2003, a ceremony of certification of the listing of the Japan Foods, Co., Ltd. was carried out at the Tokyo Stock Exchange(TSE), and trading on the second section of the TSE started on the same day.
At the certification ceremony, a notice of listing and a relief shield of Mercury, who is said to be the God of commerce, were presented by Mr. Yoshino, Senior Managing Director of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, to President Toki of Japan Foods, Co., Ltd.
After the presentation ceremony, we visited the TSE Arrows. As soon as we stepped into the Arrows, we saw an electric message of "Congratulations on the listing of Japan Foods Co., Ltd." and a full display on the large screen. All the members engaged in this listing were very much impressed.

After that, we hoped inside for further development of the Company, while hearing a bell, which has been used at the Stock Exchange before World War II, ring 5 times.

We thank the many people concerned and shareholders who provided the Company with great assistance and support on this listing, and at the same time would like to request them to provide continuing support for as long as possible as friends of the Company.

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