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the year of 2004
New line for small bottle canned drinks has completed.
Part of the can line was scrapped in September 2003, and the work for a production line for small wide mouth bottle canned drinks, which had been under construction after that, has now been completed. Production of coffee and tea in new can containers has started.
To commemorate this, a ceremony for the completion of the new line, a tour for observing the new line and a congratulatory party for that were held on February 19, 2004, when about 100 people relating to the construction, etc. gathered together.

The divine service was carried out with all participants praying for future safety and smooth operation in a solemn atmosphere. In the tour to observe the line, some people praised, saying that a good idea typical of the Company was seen in various places in the line. In addition, in the party a certificate of appreciation was presented to persons relating to the construction work, and all the persons involved in the construction work exchanged their own stories about its hard work, etc. in satisfaction and relief, as they were able to complete the work in a short time. The party dispersed with perfect satisfaction to all present.

Factory tour scenery Ceremony-to-celebrate-the-completion

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