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the year of 2004
Additonal renewal of manufacturing for canned drink was announced.
The Company had determined the renewal of the existing conventional can (so called "SOT") drink manufacture line in order to increase the production of a wide mouth small bottle can (so called "TEC) drink.

This is second renewal of conventional can drink manufacture lines (J-line is last time, O-line is this time) and making a total production capacity of 8.8 million cartons of a wide mouth small bottle can drink (190g x 30bottles per carton) a year.

The Company invests about 1,100 million yen for this project and will produce premium coffee,tea drink, etc. bottled in a new type of can in the beginning of May 2005. (Meantime renewal construction will commence in February 2005)

Behind the renewal can drink manufacture line (new J line) is a full operation now, in order to meet the further demand of the leading beverage makers quickly, is that carry out large renewal of the equipment of a conventional can drink manufacture line (existing O line), and the line which manufactures a wide mouth small bottle can drink to the main force takes this time, and aims at improvement in profitability of the can lines of our company.
In addition, in this renewal, it is designing as a line which leaves some present equipment and can also manufacture conventional can drink succeedingly.

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