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the year of 2005
Orders for low alcohol drinks have been received from Diageo, North America Inc.
In the autumn of 2005, the Company entered into an agreement with a world famous general alcoholic beverage maker, Diageo North America Inc., concerning consignment production of low alcohol cocktail drinks, and started their production.
Diageo is a world famous general alcoholic beverage maker with first class brands in spirits, wines and beers, including "Guiness" beer and "Johnny Walker" whisky.
This time the Company received orders for two items, i.e., "Smirnoff-ice" and "Smirnoff-black ice", which are low alcohol cocktail drinks. (RTD)
These products will be produced in Japan, instead of the conventional overseas production and importation.
The Company will commence production at the Company's factory by renewing facilities.
How Diageo came to entrust production to the Company is that the decision was made after carrying out examination from general aspects such as the Company's actual results, sophisticated facilities, manufacturing technologies, quality control as a general drink packer including alcoholic drink manufacture, the trustworthiness of the Company because of its being the only listed company in this industry and other factors, and after discussing with Sapporo Beer, which will sell the products.
These products will carry the name of Japan Foods as the maker.

(Signing ceremony on Oct.21)
(Smirnoff-ice & Smirnoff-black ice)

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