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the year of 2005
Water saving and energy saving facilities have started operation.
A water recycling equipment, which reduces the amount of fresh water use and the discharge of waste water by collecting and recycling waste water of washing water, cooling water, etc. which are used in large amounts in the process of manufacturing drinks, has been completed and started full operation in Dec.,04.
This equipment is an excellent product as, after taking out organic matters, it can completely take out the dirt, etc. of waste water using the technology of reverse osmosis films (RO films) and return it to the previous clean tap water level.
The Company reuses recycled water as water for boilers, and this equipment enables water to be saved by an amount corresponding to about 15% of the fresh water currently in use by the Company. (See the photo at the bottom left)

Another new system, a cogeneration system (12 cogeneration facilities) which can supply heat and electricity at the same time is currently in the final phase, and is expected to start operation in January.
When it is completed, cheap electricity generated at home will be obtained, and the effective rate of heat sources will be increased by using waste heat for boilers as well, thus contributing both to energy saving and cost reduction. In addition, this equipment can contribute to a reduction of CO2.
It is can therefore be a reliable electricity source at a time of emergency such as an earthquake. (See the photo at the bottom right)

This time, the Company did not make capital investment, but leading specialist companies set up the facilities on the Company's factory site and operate the equipment including maintenance. The Company can purchase treated water and electricity in the quantities used by the Company more cheaply than the existing ones.
This enables the Company to invest in the construction of a new line for the purpose of expanding production volume with limited funds in a concentrated and effective manner.
In any case, the effect of the manufacturing cost reduction as a result of the introduction of these two facilities is expected to make great contribution from next year onwards.

Water recycle equipment Co-generation system

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