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the year of 2006
Fuel switching from heavy oil A to natural gas has been completed (Feb.15)
On Feb.15, security inspection was completed and fuels for all the five steam boilers were switched from heavy oil A to LNG (liquefied natural gas).
LNG is a product where natural gas mainly comprising methane is cooled to -162ßC. and liquefied by the low temperature technology.
It is known that the volume of CO2 (carbon dioxide) caused by combustion is smaller by 30% than that of other fossil fuels such as petroleum and coals.
The Company expects the switch to LNG to have the economic effect of the reduction of heavy oil fuel costs which are at a high level and to restrict emission of CO2 to the atmosphere, which will contribute to lower lowding on the environment.
The Company has already had environmentally friendly facilities currently in operation, which are the co-generation system to supply electric power and heat and facilities for reverse osmosis films, by which 700 tons of drained water per day may be recycled to be reused.
The switch to LNG this time was the third undertaking.

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