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the year of 2006
Removal and disposal facilities of used tealeaves and coffee grounds have been renewed.
Production of tea drinks at Japan Foods has increased, because of the recent tea boom, and the amount of used tealeaves left after making tea is also on the increase at the same time.
Both used tealeaves and coffee grounds are effectively recycled as soil improving agents for farmsteads within the Chiba Prefecture.
However, because used tealeaves contain more water than coffee grounds, farmers have requested the Company to further dehydrate them.
As a result of examination as to how to deal with this request, the Company carried out the major work of installing a new large hydroextractor outside the factory building, although the previous hydroextractor used to be placed within the factory block.
The operation of this new machine started in May. This facility is very popular among farmers who say that it is now easy to keep and dispose of used tealeaves for them.
In addition, this has further improved the health environment of Japan Foods as a beverage factory.

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