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Japan Foods has preparation and manufacturing facilities that are capable of producing many types of beverages. Our customers also benefit from our flexibility, which allows us to respond quickly to various demands for new products and new technologies. Companies can count on Japan Foods for carbonated beverages, fruit juices, tea and coffee drinks, sports drinks, vegetable juice, mineral water, low-alcohol refresher and many other products. We are proud of our ability to use our integrated preparation and manufacturing facilities to meet even the most exacting demands of our customers.

To maintain customer satisfaction, we accurately determine the value that each customer is seeking and act quickly to deliver that value. R&D and sales teams work together with the aim of gathering the information needed to develop products that target customers’ needs.

We look forward to meeting the beverage packing requirements of your company, too.
Quality Assurance
Quality is one of the highest priorities at our production facilities. Japan Foods integrates a skilled workforce, advanced technologies, and reliable production and supervision systems to achieve the consistently high level of quality needed to earn the trust of our consumers.
Excellence in manufacturing, quality assurance, flexibility and outsourcing partners are all essential to meeting customers’ expectations. But we also understand that our customers want low distribution costs. Our location only about 60km from the Tokyo area gives us a big advantage. Owning our own warehouses also holds down logistics expenses. With these advantages, we can make a big contribution to speedy and low-cost distribution for the companies that rely on us to supply their beverages.

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