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Contribute to society as a trusted company by supplying products that bring health and happiness to our lives.
The Japan Foods Corporate Philosophy

Management Philosophy
1. We will do business in a manner that is fair, transparent and sincere.
2. We will provide high-quality services that offer comprehensive solutions for our customers and are backed by an endless process of innovation.
3. We will respect each other’s individuality and skills, provide a workplace where employees are motivated and satisfied, and meet the expectations of shareholders by constantly growing.
4. We will exist in harmony with the natural environment and society.

Management Vision
1. We will use the beverage solutions business to become a leading company in the beverage industry.
2. We will remain consistently profitable in order to fulfill our obligations to society, satisfy shareholders, customers and others, give our employees rewarding careers, and exist in harmony with society.
3. We will be a company that constantly accepts the challenge of evolving from within.

Action Guidelines
1. We will adhere to the highest ethical standards, including compliance with all laws and regulations.
2. We will base actions on a company-wide perspective, refusing to allow any barriers to divide our organization.
3. We will share a clearly defined vision and work together to achieve ambitious goals.
4. We will retain the spirit of accepting challenges and lead by example.
5. We will always strive to refine our skills and be creative.

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